I have always been a fan of weave, but growing up in a natural hair household my fantasy of long gorgeous hair was kept just as that. “A fantasy“. My hair never really grew alot, as i got older it got thinner and thinner. One day me and my sister convinced my mom to let us get some “tracks“. I glued them in and from that moment my life would never be the same. Throughout high school i wore the typical tracks and got braids a few times but didnt really like them that much. Around 2009 my world of weave changed. I had recently started watching youtube videos and came across the FULL LACE WIG. I was so empressed and fasinated. I did my search and made up my mind i needed one asap, I waited for my mom to get off work and showed her the video. To my surprise she like it. 

I was so excited because i knew i was gonna be cute, however……. there was a problem. I was a broke college student. I managed to find what i thought was a decent wig on EBAY. My mom ordered the wig for me about a week later. It was a 18inch Color #4 full lace wig for $240.00. It came from China and back then i dont think there was express shipping by DHL so it took like 3/4 weeks to come. But when it finally did come you couldnt tell me a damn thang. I ordered me some glue (walker tape clear glue) and did my thang….. So i thought anyway. I was wearing high buns and just walking around thinking everyone was fooled and thought this was my natural hair. About 2 weeks after my self install i started to realize i was not a professional. The glue was messy and i tryed to clean the lace as best as i could but it wasn’t working out. To sum it all up i basically wasted my moms money and was walking around lookin like somebodys fool. i decided to give that life up. Fast forward 2012 i deceided to give a frontal a try. Cudnt really understand the concept of sewing it down so i just wore it behind my hairline. I made it work it was cute and defiently alot better than my previous experience. I dabbled with closures and eventally started making glueless handmade closure wigs up to about 2015. I gave a full lace wig another try. SUCCESS.

 After watching thousands of YT videos i finally got it. Got to be glued gel and hairspray saved my life. I mastered it and was finally happy with my hair. By 2016 i ventered in to lace glue. Not the clear sticky but now there are a few better options. I chose Bold hold from the hair diagram. Best choice i could have ever made. I was happy with it. I began watching more and more videos and now i am self taught doing installs. The only issues i see now are prices... One of the reasons I created my website was because i got tired of trying to find good hair for a decent price. I see people selling 1 bundle for $200 and it drives me nuts. Yes you want to make money but you also want a good business relationship with your customers so i make my prices a lot lower than other sites. Bottom line i love hair and i love sharing my experience with you all. 

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